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Jun 29

8th Week of the Nubian Flats Season 2015 – Guest Blog: Peter Mcleod


When thinking of saltwater flats destinations Sudan is hardly a name that springs to mind. In fact pretty much the opposite. When the Nubian Flats operation was launched 18 months ago, reports began to trickle through of giant deserted flats teeming with fish. There appeared to be a very high density of trigger fish, good …

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Apr 22

Third Week of the Nubian Flats Season, 2015

fish ON

It felt like the season has only begun and we were already into week 3 of the Nubian Flats 2015 season. We were joined this week by Jeff Currier(for the second straight year), Mike La Sota, Mike Murray, Andrew Early, and famous Capetonian artist, Conrad Botes. The first morning we woke to a beautiful sunrise …

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Aug 06

Meet Tourette Fishing’s travel and product development specialist, Ed Truter


EDWARD DEREK TRUTER DOB – 15 June 1973 NATIONALITY – South African HOME TOWN – Port Alfred          Ed grew up on a small farm near Port Alfred. His father is an outdoorsman through and through so he had no choice in the early alignment of his interests. From the youngest age he had a curiosity …

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Jul 31

Meet Tourette Fishing Guide, Lionel Song


LIONEL SONG DOB – 28 July 1966 NATIONALITY – South Africa HOMETOWN – Pietersburg                 Lionel started guiding in 1988 after leaving the army. He guided in the Timbavati for two years and then ran walking trails in the Manyeleti for another two years before working in the …

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Jun 13

Last day of the Nubian Flats Exploratory

Sunset, Nubian Flats, Sudan Fishing

The previous day provided probably the finest triggerfish that anyone has ever experienced, along with the great find of actually seeing and catching bonefish on the flats.  Today was our last full day, and as with most trips, it seems as soon as you start to figure stuff out, it is time to go home.  …

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Jun 07

Quick on the Trigger: The Nubian flats deliver.

Ankle deep, hard bottom Nubian flats.

The Nubian Flats begin to deliver the goods: After a hugely successful day on the flats the previous day, where everyone had a mixture of shots at bluefin, triggers, GTs, bohar, grouper, the anticipation for today was on a knife edge. Normally when you get to day 4 of a trip, the legs are tired …

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May 09

Week 3 – Sette Cama; Gabon

Great Short video clip of Week 3 action in Gabon, Sette Cama

Apr 08

A mind blowing week of fishing at Sette Cama

Yet another threadfin - Sette Cama - Gabon

Bonjour from Libreville, Gabon. My final stint for the 2012/2013 season has begun and the first week has already come to an end. Everything can sometimes be so slow in Gabon but def my time, it seems to be flying at an alarming rate! Anyways, it might have flown but what a great week we …

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Apr 05

Gabon Exploratory Trip – possibly the finest salt water mixed angling destination in Africa! Rob Scott – Tourette Fishing

Tarpon off the Beach - Gabon at its best

Bucket List Destination. This term is frequently used these days, and it seems everyone has such a bucket, filled with imaginary experiences that they hope one day will come true. I have never physically created such a list, but I suppose that subconsciously everyone does create a secret list of things they would like to …

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