Mar 23

Start of the Lesotho Sight Fishing Season

Fly Rod and Horse Saddle

Fly Rod and Horse Saddle

With the Start of our Lesotho Season only a few days away, Yuri has set off with Fly rod and camping gear in Hand.


Yuri is going to be the Tourette Fishing guide in charge of running all the 2011 Lesotho trips, and his in depth knowledge of trout and sight fishing experience will ensure a smooth and extremely successful Lesotho Sight Fishing season.

Lesotho Rainbow
Lesotho Rainbow

Over the course of these few preseason days, Yuri is walking long stretches of the river. He main tasks are going to be to scout potential camp sites, check on water levels, organizing of the pack horses, and of course keeping a close eye on the fish activity. It is pretty certain that as this update is being posted, Yuri is well hidden behind a rock, presenting a dry to sighted spotted fish.

As soon as the first guests are dropped off, Yuri will be able to give his report back on this preseason work, which will be posted here.

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