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First Lesotho Trip of the Season

Lesotho Feedback – Yuri Janssen

Lesotho Sightfishing

Lesotho Sightfishing

Athol, Ralph, Geoff, Shan and Meg travelled from Capetown to partake in the first Lesotho Trout Trekking Trip of the season.  With Yuri Janssen from Tourette Fishing as their guide, some faithful ponies to carry the gear, and two Lesotho muleteers to help with the animals they were treated to the world class sight fishing Lesotho offers the adventurous fly fisherman.

After healthy summer rains, the river is running considerably higher than this time last year. Fortunately the first frosts have yet to arrive and as a result the water temperature is higher than is expected during the autumnal period. Despite last year’s long and exceptionally dry winter, fish were found in healthy numbers throughout the system.

Lesotho Rainbow

Lesotho Rainbow

Daily hatches of both midge and small pale-coloured mayflies, meant that there was plenty of surface action and most fish were taken on general purpose dry flies, including #14 Stimulators, RABs, yellow DDDs and small hopper patterns which proved deadly throughout the warmer parts of the day. On the nymph side of things, size # 14 – 16 Hare & Copper’s, Zak’s, and PTN’s were deadly. These patterns fished behind larger tungsten variants did particularly well in the deeper runs and canyon pools. Although several good fish were sighted in some of the larger pools, most fish were taken in the faster runs and riffles.


Lesotho  River Dreaming

Lesotho River Dreaming

For the most part, and as is the case in many other high altitude streams, these trout are by no means fussy and will accept most offerings with gusto. However, what these trout lack in culinary refinement they make up for in no-nonsense street-wise savvy. A careful and stealthy approach is warranted at all times, not forgetting the correct attire as well. We’re not talking commando camo here, but both ones hat and clothing should be dark muted tones, preferably in greens, olives and brown’s. Anything white or remotely reflective will more than likely procure you with five days of high altitude casting practice full stop.


To see a selection of beautiful images from the area see our gallery on facebook www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=195691&id=90837823797 or on the website www.tourettefishing.com/gallery.htm

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